Intelligence meets Decentralisation

We are the world's first distributed intelligent applications (diApps) solutions company building distributed intelligent applications using Blockchain + AI
Our Vision
Empowering value creation in the digital economy by building trusted distributed intelligent applications using Blockchain + AI

We are in a digitally connected world where constant interactions between entities (people, devices, organizations) are creating networks that have a personality resembling real world human networks. This is making the value of entities relevant only in the context of the digital interaction. So, businesses need to intelligently understand trusted interactions between the entities in a continuum, as opposed to static behavioral understanding of the customer, to recognize value in the digital economy. This can be only accomplished through a digital order.

Areas of focus

DiApp Solutions

Digital Services powering Distributed Intelligent Applications (DiApps) by leveraging Blockchain + AI

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Aicumen Consults

We help organisations around the globe build, test and deploy public and private blockchain solutions.

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DiApp Solutions
Digital Services powering Distributed Intelligent Applications (DiApps) by leveraging Blockchain + AI


Finets are groups of individuals coming together to achieve their individual aspirations by unlocking the implicit trust in their social networks. Finets use digital technologies and crypto-economics to unlock this implicit trust using cooperative financial vehicles and value mechanisms. Trust is persisted in Finets by Social Trust Quotient(STQ), a continually evolving, multidimensional measure, derived from the composite social interactions of the participants.

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MóiBit is a personal decentralized secure storage network with the power of immutability and provenance of Blockchain systems.

MoiBit attempts to move away from the current noise of pure decentralization with no reliability and practicality. MoiBit ushers in reliability, a guarantee of read (GoR), and a non-coin-based hybrid deployment model that ensures availability using private clusters. In fact, enterprises can use on-premise and private clouds to co-exist with the decentralized nodes. MoiBit ensures provenance of its “system state” with a traditional on-chain reference. With GoR, hybrid deployment options and the on-chain system provenance we have an impactful practical alternative to simultaneously provide personalization, privacy and decentralization.

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TransactBlock is the first product to offer the private equity and venture capital community a fund management platform based on the Ethereum blockchain. It combines artificial intelligence, machine learning, smart contracts and blockchain based immutable data records to provide instant transparency and reconciliation. Audits are reduced by up to 90%. Data records are immutable and transparent real time allowing fund mangers, investors and any relevant party to better understand the value of their investments at any point in time. With auditing and operating costs reduced by orders of magnitude, the barriers to invest can be drastically reduced opening an entire new market for funds to attract investment from.

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Aurum is a unique peer-to-peer lending platform based on precious metals. The lending platform combines artificial intelligence and machine learning with smart contracts and allows people to securitize their gold and other precious metals and tokenize the value to invest. Aurum utilizes KIP's revolutionary social quotient services to “rate” participants and provide trust and risk rating between digital identities. This will allow underserviced and non-banking people and businesses to have access to much need capital. For lenders, Aurum allows the underlying asset to have a digital presence and generate wealth beyond that of the traditional metals value and allowing them to participate in markets that are not open to them today.


PharmaCoin provides a revolutionary Platform to conduct secure, safe transactions in the marijuana economy. This is a unique combination of mobile technologies, medical users, businesses, regulators, cryptocurrency, and blockchain allows the marijuana economy to be safer, reduce costs, and enforce guidelines and regulations. Using KIP, an Ethereum based digital mesh that combines artificial intelligence and machine learning with smart contracts, participants in the marijuana economy can conduct business PharmaCoins, removing the need for cash and increasing security for consumers and businesses alike. PharmaCoin also provides standard accounting software for businesses streamline operations and reduce costs in an increasingly competitive market.

Digital Accountant TM

Digital AccountantTM is an industry leading audit tool for managing ledgers using blockchain technology. This allows firms to introduce blockchain technology into the accounting practices of a company to revolutionize accounting practices for the new digital order. With a foundation in KIP, an Ethereum based digital mesh that combines artificial intelligence and machine learning with smart contracts, company executives, auditors, and advisors will be able to improve predicative modeling and provide As-A-Service offerings (Tax, Accounting, and Audit). Digital AccountantTM integrates blockchain technology, smart contracts (tax codes), and AI to simplify the effort required for Auditors and improves reliability of real-time metrics for business decisions with an immutable audit trail. Reducing the effort for historical proof and reporting will allow accounting professionals to focus on value adding, forward looking analysis.

Aicumen Consults
Through a mature and tested consultancy framework, we can offer a range of services to our customer.

Companies realize that the blockchain technology has the potential to disrupt their industries and change the competitive landscape completely. Even so, many are struggling to understand the core ideas and the opportunities the particular may present for their given business model. Our experienced team of blockchain specialists and seasoned consultants can help you navigate through this new world.

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Krama Intelligent Protocol - KIP

KIP is an intelligent context-aware peer to peer value network enabling human-like digital interactions through a Tesseract grid (T-grid). Each and every user interaction is persisted as a locus on the T-grid by simultaneously optimising decentralised compute, distributed storage, modulated trust and multi-dimensional value.

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Our Core Team
Anantha Krishnan
Founder, CEO
Karthik Balasubramanian
Founder, CBO
Lawrence Lanzilli
Chief Marketing Officer

Brett Miller
SVP - Operations, North America
Ganesh Prasad Kumble
Lead - Platform Innovation
Peter Chmiel
Vice President of Product Management
Our Advisory Board
Lisa Diaz Nash
Marketing Strategy
Susan Certoma
Capital Markets
Gregg Fell
Capital Markets and Operations
Ken Reed
Cognitive Stack

Peter Bang
Capital Markets
Chris Osborn
Lakshmin (Nagi) Nagalingam
Ravi Kulkarni

Strategic Partner

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